I started T’s Engraving, llc in 2013 after being laid off as a Structural Designer for 36 years. Not being ready to retire I had to find something to do and when I looked at engraving I thought I could do this because the equipment used runs on CAD based software of which I have in excess of 40,000 hours of CAD time during my engineering career. In order to handle different types of jobs I have 2 CO2 lasers, 1 Fiber laser, 1 CNC Router, and a table top CNC Milling Machine. I am in process of adding my leather crafting that I learned in the Boy Scouts when I was around 12 to 13 years old and have recently added a industrial sewing machine to my equipment in order to allow me a much broader range of items that I can produce and offer to customers. If you have something in mind for engraving, feel free to contact me by email tkwade1@frontier.com or Phone 919-624-7969.